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Here are a few more Links of weapons that we can offer you and you can buy online and have shipped to us.  Here are the transfers rules:

​Federal law requires all firearms to be shipped to a licensed dealer.  We are more than happy to provide this service for you.  When you are going to receive a firearm you will need to contact us so we can send a copy of our FFL to the sender.  They will need to include a copy of their FFL, if they are a dealer, or an enlarged and legible copy of their driver's license with the package.  They will also need to include their contact information as well as your contact information so we can contact you when we receive the firearm.
The fees are as follows:
1 = 20.00
2 = 35.00
3-4 = 60.00
5-6 = 80.00
7 or more = 100.00

Go to the Ellett Brothers website and go to the bottom of the page and click on the Shooting Catalog Link. Once you have done this you can see all that is available for us to order. You will need to write down the order number and the e-mail me, Sarah Pack, at or call us at the number above.

You can go to the AcuSport website and look at their catalog for all that is offered and all that we can order.  You will just need to write down the item number and e-mail me, Sarah Pack, at or call us at the number above.  When you go the AcuSport website you will need to go to the middle of the page and click on the 2011 AcuSport Product Catalog.

This page is featuring all the manufacturers you can order from through us or online direct.
Please feel free to look at all the links and then let us know which weapon or anything related to hunting that you would like to have and we will gladly order it for you.Type your paragraph here.